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SpeedyPlan is a Cloud solution for the optimization of transportation and logistics of goods, providing significant cost savings both in terms of route optimization and employee resources


Save up to 30% by investing in cloud software

Manage deliveries

Organize and track activities with our system


Access your data everywhere and everytime


Software and maps constantly updated


Intuitive user interface makes the system easy to use

Cost Efficient

We identify the best possible solution for you

Our Service

The SpeedyPlan platform uses proprietary optimization algorithms, based on the most modern simulation techniques. We identify all possible combinations between a subset of the solutions more advantageous in terms of cost and efficiency based on a set of criteria defined by the user.


Our system applies a cloud based software tool for optimization and freight transport planning in a network of nodes. We work with you to provide ideal logistics solutions.

Real Time Tracking

Our application is designed to track in real time the processes of goods going in and out from all carriers. SpeedyPlan.com allows personalization according to the needs of your business.

Collaborative Transporatation

SpeedyPlan.com is a powerful collaborative tool for transport optimization. We work with our clients to provide the most optimal solution for their business.


MyPallet is a solution to keep track of pallet costs. At locations where pallets are reused and deliveries are going in and out at a rapid pace, we can keep tabs on how often you are using pallets at specific sites.


Our system improves the process of planning and managing delivereries that are coming to and from each location while reducing costs, integrating data bases, and making statistics and historical data readily available.


Along with current orders, we track the trend of freight traffic, the performace of carriers, and maintain advanced reports to ensure we have the best possible solution for your business needs.

Why Choose SpeedyPlan?

Using SpeedyPlan reduces the business risk and the transport management system because it does not require invasive organizational changes in information technology. We provide a cost report in real time and if the client requests, we can provide advance cost reports. SpeedyPlan is a pay per use and has a very affordable monthly fee that is based off the nodes and GDR of each business.

We averaged 150 deliveries a day compared to a traditional logistics plan and below is the savings when using SpeedyPlan .

Man Power






Cost of Transportation


Why People like us?

As a customer you are in control of your data . The customer can access their data at any time and for any reason whatsoever As a client we will teach you how to store and access your data and the measures taken to ensure safety.

Using the potential of cloud computing we make our platform accessible to potential customers located around the world and especially with any type of terminal , with special reference to portable terminals . This feature makes it easily scalable your target market that is potentially extended to the whole world.
SpeedyPlan designs software products with security in mind from the start and taking advantage of its experience in creating enterprise software and provider of online services reaches the aim of ensuring that its the infrastructure is resilient to attacks , safeguard the access of user environment and protect customer data via encrypted communications and procedures for prevention and threat management , including regular penetration testing .
Our engineering team always responds within minutes to the demands of our customers and intervenes with the solutions in a very short time. Our systems are constantly monitored, with automated agents and contantly checked.

SpeedyPlan's large computing power is made ​​available by optimization algorithms that are specifically designed for the problem of planning freight transport, combined with the ability to handle requests from the Internet via nodes, automatically enabling the effective management of logistics. Using this optimization method we see a significant decrease in cost because we can choose the best option for your business.

Speedyplan offers the first web-based solution on the market for the management and optimization of freight transport. We offer three options to best fit your business needs:

  • a free version, suitable for testing the application or for personal use;
  • a standard version, suitable for small businesses that need a flexible and convenient tool for managing their deliveries
  • a gold version, made for medium-sized businesses that require the management of large volumes for daily deliveries. This version can be customized per the customer's request.

  • The PTM - Web application is designed and developed to be compatible with all modern terminals, portable and stationary. In particular, it is possible to extend the functionality to include detailed tracking, in real time, of the pick up and drop off of goods from all carriers. SpeedyPlan offers the option to formulate a thorough and personalized solution according to your business needs.

    This module uses a system that accepts requests from remote nodes, integrating them into the application database. Such requests can be processed and then sent to the PTM - Web for futher analysis. Remote users are authorized and profiled to restrict access to the information that has been selected.

    Speedyplan.com was designed and developed by a team of experts who specialize in the field of computational analysis and have professional experience with numerical optimization and web applications.
    Founded initially as a classic application that works on a corporate server, the PTMWeb application has undergone various changes and improvements to become a web - based application that benefits from all the advantages of cloud computing. Currently the application has become a real platform that incorporates itself in the modern concept of a professional computing community.


    Marco Varini/ IT magager of ilme.com

    -John Doe/ Director of corlate.com

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